Soul Body Alchemy



Retreat • Energize • Heal


Riad Azahar, Marrakech, Morocco

November 6 – 10, 2018

We celebrate the energies of Oshun, Inanna and Shekinah.

These Goddess archetypes are embodied in every woman.

All their unique, powerful, sensual and creative energies live within us.

At the Soul Body Alchemy Retreat, each woman will leave understanding how to call upon these archetypes,
how they show up for her personally and how she is protected by the Great Mother.

By experiencing in her own body and soul how these energies work and how they move through her,
she will leave knowing that she never needs to feel victimised.

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Deities come alive when they are invoked.

We chose these three particular deities as internal archetypes or aspects of a universal feminine power.

When we invoke them in a group it creates a kind of cosmic force or channel which makes it easier for this energy to show up in our lives, in our everyday human existence.


Come and experience the power of these sensual, creative female energies with us in Morocco, where the energy of the African mainland will support our activation.



Oshun is the deity of the river and fresh water. She represents pleasure, luxury, sexuality, fertility, beauty and love. 



Inanna was known as the Queen of Heaven. She represents love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, combat and political power.



Shekinah is the feminine divine presence. She is represented by light.